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mortgage pre approvals

Want to be Pre Approved Today!



Want to be pre-approved today?

What is a mortgage pre-approval

A mortgage pre-approval is how much the lender is prepared to lend the borrower based on financial information submitted and a credit check. It is not a guarantee of funding. Funding will depend on verification of the information submitted, and your chosen property meeting the lenders acceptance criteria.

The advantages of a mortgage pre-approval

Getting a pre-approval lets you know the size of mortgage available to you, tells your realtor that you’re serious about buying, and gives confidence to the seller that you have sufficient funds to make the purchase.

Whats required for a mortgage pre-approval

Complete an application. The underwriters need to see your financial position to grant you a Mortgage Pre Approval. So be prepared to submit financial information of all purchasers income, assets, liabilities and credit liabilities. Submitting verification documents at this time strengthens the application. 

How long are you mortgage pre-approved

Rate holds can be anywhere from 30 to 120 days. If rates go up your rate will stay as agreed, if they go down your lender will give you the lower rate.

what to avoid after pre-approval

Between pre-approval and being granted your mortgage do not do anything that could negatively affect your application such as changing jobs, making major credit purchases or applying for credit cards.

Why do I need to do a credit check to get a mortgage

There are two reasons that lenders need to do an up to date credit report. The report from the credit bureau will list your monthly commitments, ie monthly car payments, retail store cards, credit card minimum payments etc these results added to your future mortgage payment will allow the lender to calculate your total monthly commitments. Secondly the report will give you a credit score based on your historical payment history, this tells the lender how likely you are to repay the loan and whether or not your payments will be on time.  

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