Mortgage Approval Assurance

When we arrange your mortgage we will issue you with a ‘Mortgage Approval Assurance’ certificate that you can add to your buyer presentation kit which will greatly increase the chances of your offer being accepted by the seller.

We cover all of Ontario with very competitive interest rates on all types of mortgages including self-employed, bad credit, etc.

We can probably match or beat any other product offering and if we arrange your mortgage you will have the added benefit of our ‘Mortgage Approval Assurance’ when competing with other buyers.

We are the only brokerage to issue ‘Mortgage Approval Assurance’ certificates that assure that the details in your application have been fully checked and verified.

This certificate should be included in the buyer’s submission package given to sellers and will help distinguish your offer from the competition.

Submitting an application and subsequent consultation is always FREE.

MAA DOC 9.1-page-001